Our Clients

Solmax global is a direct marketing company. We believe in meeting targets and accomplishing goals. We have worked with multiple companies and our results speak for itself. We have a team of direct marketers in over 100 countries, who are equipped to promote your business across the globe. If you want to know more about how we can help you, just contact us by filling out the form.

Our Clients


Solmax is delighted to market a game changer in the educational world, offering modern up-to-date courses to individuals, who aim to learn more about financial health, investing in blockchain and harnessing new technologies.

Solmax is a marketing partner of Igniter Academy courses to promote into the market and reward with commission.


It’s a fantastic way for landlords and estate agents to market their properties across a number of popular lettings portals, such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Gumtree and Prime Location. Solmax is proud to market YouRent, which will change the face of property advertising online.

Don’t forget as a YouRent member you can earn too, which sets them apart as the number one online service to manage your property portfolio. Whether you are a landlord, agent, or a Solmax member, you can earn serious commission, so don’t miss out!


Blockchain is uniquely positioned to solve the problems currently facing the internet as we know it. Though there are others, Aladin’s innovative approach with its unique blend of features and technical advantages will see it be the first to achieve this milestone.

Blockchains though advanced still aren’t able to access external data without an Oracle. At the height of innovation, Aladin is the first blockchain with a full oracle inherently integrated into its network. Essentially, in just a few technological strokes Aladin gives you access to the world in its entirety.


BizPad is a very useful cloud-based software that keeps you on top of all your accountancy requirements: effective resource management, delegating staff duties, arranging meetings, tackling deadlines that are fast approaching while storing all your data securely.

It’s a fast, efficient and reliable way to organise your priorities, ensuring you stay ahead of the game and in charge of every task.

Marketing partner Solmax rewards those who promote Practice PA with commission, when they market this product.