About Us

In the current market, there is a fundamental problem when networking businesses interact with their community. A gap forms between the central office and its networkers, leaving the latter feeling disconnected and isolated.

At Solmax, we have one clear aim: to create a business that sees our entire community working together for continued financial rewards. In order to achieve this objective, we aim to include you in every aspect of the business. An utterly new and innovative business model.


Joining Solmax Global is much more than a revenue stream to improve your financial health. It means joining a company that is determined to help our entrepreneurs succeed, offering strategic training and support.

As one of our Independent Marketing Partners, you will have the opportunity to earn substantial levels of commission, receive enviable benefits from our compensation plan and become a member of a unique brand, which really gives back to its entrepreneurs.

Becoming a part of our network offers an opportunity to meet new people, while also learning from your peers as you embark on a similar journey. By carefully selecting innovative and desirable products on the market, we can offer unparalleled access to a wide variety of consumers.


Would you like to earn money in your own time around your busy schedule? Working with Solmax allows the opportunity to do just that. We will encourage you to grow both personally and professionally, with a strong belief in flexibility and a balanced lifestyle.

Marketing a number of brands including YouRent, Practice PA, Fintechemy and Solmax Pro, these companies offer innovative and exciting services, which genuinely add value. Now is the time to invest in a network company that continues to grow.

Our Clients